our gin donates 80% of its profits to protect the oceans. SIP WITH PURPOSE,

Prince Explorer Monaco Gin

Expedition 01 Gin

Prince Explorer Monaco Gin
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This first batch features Italian juniper berries, Brazilian pink peppercorn, Sichuan pepper and Mediterranean mandarin, surrounded by seven other ingredients from four continents.

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A universal Gin,
born in Monaco

Botanical Highlights




Sichuan Pepper




Canadian Elderflower


Kerala Cardamom


Nadorcott Mandarin


Siberian Angelica

Brazilian Pink

Brazilian Pink Peppercorns

Lemon Peel

Lemon Peel




Orange Peel

... discover the singular universe of a rare and captivating gin embark upon a unique sensory voyage ...

The Bottle

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The Process

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“the time that leads to mastery is dependent on the intensity of our focus”

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The Result

Small batch by design, not by artifice...

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Tasting Notes

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From values...

Prince Albert I’s prescient awareness of human activity’s potentially destructive effects on the oceans led him to become one of the earliest champions of marine conservation. Long before the bleaching of coral reefs or the decline of fish stocks, when so few were talking about the environment, Albert I was already advocating in favour of creating marine protected areas. In 1899, he founded the Musée Océanographique, home to his eponymous Foundation. Since, this architectural masterpiece has solidified its status as the cornerstone of global ocean conservation efforts. 

Today, H.S.H. Prince Albert II of Monaco carries on the Principality’s profound and enduring commitment to the ocean. The Prince’s Foundation has a crucial and timely environmental mission - it aims to promote impactful solutions to tackle the challenges facing our planet’s biodiversity, climate, oceans and water resources. 

In furtherance of our common values and shared concerns, for every bottle purchased, we will donate a part of our ffrevenue to ocean conservation efforts in Monaco and beyond. 

“Oceanography still has the duty of pointing out the danger caused in all countries by the abuse of the resources of the sea, whether poorly regulated or poorly supervised. This is perhaps its best claim to the solicitude of all. – Albert 1 of Monaco

to giving...

IPOS: International Panel for
Ocean Sustainability

Prince Explorer Gin is a proud donor and supporter of IPOS.

Oceans are our planet’s life support and regulate the global climate. They are the world’s largest ecosystem, home to nearly a million known species and containing vast potential for scientific discovery. Oceans continue to support the global population’s economic, social and environmental needs. Despite their critical importance, decades of irresponsible exploitation have led to an alarming level of degradation. Current efforts are not yet meeting the urgent need to safeguard this vast, yet fragile, resource. 

IPOS is a coordination tool seeking to generate informed and tailored actions for ocean conservation. While Intergovernmental Panels on Climate Change or Biodiversity fulfil a critical mission, there is no comparable, globally representative, expert group focused on the evolution of the state of the oceans - IPOS seeks to fill this critical gap and remedy the fragmented nature of our knowledge of the ocean’s health. 

IPOS’ mission rests on three pillars: 

  1. Constructing scenarios of ocean evolution to inform its governance and manage its resources. 
  2. Defining key tipping points & indicators of ocean health within their socio-economic context. 

Identifying & mapping knowledge gaps to address via research and action. 

Bracelet 'Protect the Oceans'
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The 'Protect the Oceans' bracelet is the result of a collaboration with the Monegasque jeweller, Charlotte.B. This bracelet represents the very soul of the Explorer, the essential elements of our planet. It depicts the human being, surrounded by the sea and earth. For our Prince Explorer gin, we sought to achieve a perfect balance between eleven botanicals; likewise, it is essential to find this same balance between our lifestyles and the ecosystems that surround us. Just like our gin, a part of the profit from each bracelet will be donated directly to various ocean conservation organisations.

... to actions

Onboard the exploration vessel, Monaco Glacier in the background


From an early age, Prince Albert I of Monaco displayed a fascination for the polar regions. Between 1898 and 1912, he mounted four scientific expeditions to Svalbard, in the Norwegian Arctic. The crucial scientific research conducted during these voyages remains a foundation of modern oceanography and our knowledge of the Arctic. In honour of these expeditions, and as a token of gratitude for his support to Norwegian polar exploration, one of the largest glaciers in Svalbard was named after his principality - the ‘Monacobreen’ or ‘Monaco Glacier.’

In 2022, alongside H.S.H. Prince Albert II of Monaco, our founders embarked upon an expedition organised by the Oceanographic Institute and the Prince Albert II Foundation, in close consultation with the Prince Albert I Committee and the Archives of the Prince’s Palace.

The commemorative journey followed Prince Albert I’s original route through the Arctic over 100 years prior. During this extraordinary voyage, the importance of the Prince’s contributions to the polar regions was fully unearthed. Alongside a team of scientists, the founders also participated in zoological and topographical surveys and collected various samples to track the impact of climate change on the Arctic. Before departing, bottles of Prince Explorer Gin were left at the northernmost bar in the world - sitting at nearly 80° N - waiting to welcome the next explorers.